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For over 20 years, System3 has delivered value to it's clients, and has learnt from every criticism, appreciation, encouragement and support from each of it's customers.

Our success is ultimately based on the success of our clients. Companies come to us for many reasons, and for all clients, we take time to understand their unique core strategies and key objectives. Though the measure of success varies, the quality of our solutions and our commitment to client satisfaction remains the same.

System3 has worked with leading corporates, exciting names, and great startups from across the globe. We have worked with leaders in manufacturing, finance, retail, media and exports to offer them comprehensive solutions. Some of our Key clients:

Key Customers

Case Study

NHPC, has a number of DAMs that it has built out to generate electricity in India. Communication systems at each of these dams' is of utmost importance, and VHF radios that have been used since ages were used to carry data. Today's demand of heavy data dependencies, had NHPC's IT Team work with System3, to deploy a Wireless architecture for connecting it's administrative office to it's DAM control room, over a non line of sight condition.

From System3's home brew High powered 2.4GHz Radios working in the ISM band, to high wind load condition clamp design for wire mesh antenna's, System3 delivered a pure 5.5 megabit full duplex link to NHPC at it's CPS1 DAM working over 4 Hop Points within a span of 2 weeks.