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Your Equipment, Our Backbone

Offering a carrier neutral point of connect, System3's self owned, self managed Internet Data center has been offering matchless services since 2002. System3 offers a fully redundant fiber + copper network and rack space to house your basic appliance servers to high end application servers. Our Data center is located in the IT Hub of Dehli, Nehru Place, and offers uptimes exceeding 99.99%

To know more about our co-location services, download our product sheet by clicking here, or visit our hosting services site at

System3 has skilled staff available 24/7 on premise at the Internet Data center, helping you manage and even provide a remote hands on service for your critical servers. Our background of being the pioneer web hosting company in India, and running a Data Center purely for hosting facilities puts us right at the top.

Whether your requirement is to co-locate a simple mail server, or to co-locate your citrix application, we have the space, bandwidth and architecture to provide you the best solution. Currently system3 has over 20 co-location customers at it's data center amongst other dedicated and shared hosting users.

Since we own the Data center, we can custom make a solution for you, this involves, allocating IP's or running your BGP Pool, to alloting space for your dedicated firewalls, or an option of using our infrastructure firewall. We also have centralised Antispam and Antivirus filtering servers, that can help you reduce your investement on your mail server. If you feel this is a service you are intrested in, please feel free to call us on +91.11.4171.6194 or 4171.6195, and speak to one of our co-locaiton specialists.

Case Study

A Large financial services company wanted to take their legacy Visual Basic application to remote offcies across India, and also wanted to enable it's mobile workers to have access to upto date information from the application. System3 worked together with the customer to deploy a Citrix Metaframe architecture, running on Dual Processor Xeon Servers from HP, and wired up their local offices on private leased lines. Today the customer has gone online to branch offices, and to it's mobile users, nearly with a zero wait time, and is reaping the benefits in increased sales, without the headache of maintaining a 24/7 Informaiton technology architecture.