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1st April 2007System 3 announces a strategic Tie up with Intransa to Sell and Integrate Intransa Storage Solutions in System3 Data center for launch of DR Services, as well as Customer end to consolidate storage requirements.

1st March 2007System 3 upgrades it's Hosted Load Balanced Antispam Cluster to a Globally Load Balanced Antispam Cluster, offering a higher uptime, efficient scanning and a global redundancy to our Mail Scanning service.

1st March 2007System 3 signs up as a gold Partner with Point Clark Networks to promte Clark Connect Small Business Solution. For more details on Clark Connect, visit

1st February 2007System3 Launches Helpdesk and Support Services in Kochi (Cochin), taking our support locations to a total of 12 cities in India.

31st December 2006System3 and Momentum Infocare sign a Memorandum of Understanding to Manage Momentum Infocare's hosting business from System3's IDC.

1st September 2006System3's IDC Services Division adds space for 10 more racks in it's Delhi Data Center. System 3 hosting is one of the only pure hosting / data center operators in the country, offering one of the best locations for you to host your applications and data.

1st August 2006System 3's Design factory division, one of the oldest web design and online presence building companies, ties up strategically to become a part of the Sapra and Sapra Publishers and Distributors Pvt Ltd. ( Design Factory and SSPD will now work on online media and print media applications, to bring out some innovative products.

28th July 2006, System 3 ties up with Esys Distribution as a distribution partner for their Esys range of PC's and laptops.

10th July 2006, System 3 starts full operational facility in Jaipur, India. Jaipur becomes the fourth physical location for System3 to be locally present for it's Facilities Management, IT Support, and Fullfilment Services.

1st January 2006, A recent announcement by Department of Telecom, India (DOT), has had our telephone provider change the first digit of our telephone lines, please note that our old numbers (Administration / Sales Office) +91.11.5171.6194 and 5171.6195 will now be +91.11.4171.6194 and + 91.11.4171.6195, similarly our Support Desk numbers have been changed from +91.11.5180.8281 and 5180.8283 to +91.11.4180.8281 and 4180.8283. This affect is as of 1st January 2006, and the old numbers will work till end of February.

1st January 2006, System3 and it's group companies, that included System 3 Solutions, System3 Secure, and others are now going to be part of one company, namely System 3 Net Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

1st June 2005,System 3 announced the launch of it's umbrella service brand, Cyberbutlers. Cyberbutlers is the first services company in India, to offer Hotspot in a box and hotspot services in the country. For further information on cyberbutlers, please visit our site

1st April 2005, System3 launches the first rural ISP of india, under the umbrella brand name of is an ISP enabler, working on Outdoor wireless technologies, both point to point and point to multipoint to enable cable operators, private telephone exchange players and other interested players to offer rural ISP services across India. The current project has taken the cities of Rajpura and Patiala online. For more details, on and it's suite of services, visit

1st January 2005, System3 completes installation of 200 wireless point to point and point to multipoint outdoor installations. This has put System3 into the league of one of the largest wireless players in India. System3's team has successfully implemented all it's solutions in the 2.4 GHz ISM band.

11th June 2004, System3 is now 21. From the first Indian IT Services company, started in 1983, to the First webhosting company, and then the first sole co-location provider, we have come a long journey.